The Old Synagogue Building

The foundation of the synagogue was laid in 1881-1882. This synagogue is located in Alaybey at the 1685 Street which was the former Eski Tramvay Street. At the time of its construction it was registered to Yako Eskinazi and it was then transferred to Jewish Community. When the Jews in Karsiyaka were moved tp Izmir, the synagogue was deserted and has been neglected for a long time. The Municipality of Karsiyaka had proposed to transfer this building to the Jewish Community and after long conversations the Community has accepted it to be used by the Municipality for cultural events. after being restored preserving its original it was opened in 2000 as the Municipal Conservatory Building. Mezakat Arabim is a masonry building surrounded with a small garden. The garden walls have an average height and the most part of the garden is enclosed with fences. Once there were two big plane trees and a well but today there are no signs of them. When the building is walked in, the Bet-Midrash part is noticed. The ground is covered with originally textured tiles. This is a reading room, both a classroom and a small synagogue. There are a few small rooms behind the Bet Midrash. When we walk into the synagogue at the right side a small luminous hall appears, across there are Aron Ha Kodesz (Sacred Place), Teva and Hebrew writings, windows, stained glasses and Megan Davids (6 pointed star of David) . One door of the Ehal is original, the other door is missing. There is no Azara which is the place of women in a synagogue. There is an open part at the back of the hall accessed by three steps and it is known that the women were sitting there.

 : 1685 Sokak No: 22 Alaybey-Karşıyaka/İZMİR
 : (0232) 369 2152