Message from the Mayor

You will always get good news from Karsiyaka...

My Fellow Citizens,

Death is the inevitable truth of life and being immortal is the skill of remaining in the memories of people. We have lost two beautiful people who have proven this with their talents, mastership, accomplishments and standing. Münir Özkul and Aydın Boysan will live in the hearts of countries and people forever. Their places can not be filled for sure but a duty of those who remain is to work for raising new Münir Özkuls and Aydın Boysans. I bow respectively before them with gratitude and ever lasting love.

2017 became history by leaving heavy loads to year 2018. The world is feeling the pain of a new beginning and it is striving with various problems and we are part of it. If the world, which is the only planet on which we can live, is turning and if we are awaking to a new day each morning, we can not lose time in the marsh of pessimism. We should remember the saying of Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: “There are no hopeless situations. There are hopeless people.” We are walking with the inspiration, strength and courage we get from this saying. 

Dear citizens of Karsiyaka,

Despite the insufficient laws, the budget and legislative problems of local management at district level, frustrating approaches and applications, we can say with pride that we have left a successful year behind us. The projects we realized in 2017, works accomplished with the awareness of modern urbanization, implementations of social municipalism that embrace each area of life, and their being awarded at national and international level, enable Karsiyaka Municipality to look at year 2018 with hope, enthusiasm, and love.

This outcome is the success of our municipality laborers, each of whom we salute with respect, and of our fellow citizens having awareness of modern urbanization. We succeeded together and we revealed the difference of Karsiyaka one more time. In 2018 we will be good examples again, we will give inspiration, and we will spread hope to our country.

We will use our investment budget of 28 million for our city by paying attention to each penny of it, without deviating from science and rationalism, by keeping public benefits at the forefront, and most important of all without deviating from the targets we determined for Karsiyaka. You will read about the hints in the pages of our journal.

We will continue realizing our works which prove the difference of Karsiyaka as being a city of education, science, labor, woman, disabled people, elderly people, sports, children, youngsters, culture, art, nature, and environment without interruption. There won’t be any lives that are untouched, areas which are not utilized, and any particulars that are neglected. We will not give up because of any obstacles and we will not deviate from any promises we have given. With the strength you give and the works you realize with a collective spirit, we will repeat one more time to our city and to our country as: “You will always hear good news from Karsiyaka.”

Because we are walking while feeling respect for the past, feeling responsible for the future and feeling bound strongly with the values of Turkish Republic.

While I wish you the best in the new year one more time , I salute all of you with love and respect.

Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar   
Mayor of Karşıyaka