Message from the Mayor

Karsiyaka which adds spirit and liveliness to the flowers opening on the mountains of Izmir.. 

My Fellow Citizens,

Why would you invite people you know, your spouse, and your guest who may see it for the  first time to the place where you live? Why do you go there? It is beautiful to ease your longing, to live through the happiness of meeting again, to recall past while feeling the enthusiasm of being fine and healthy, to share today, and to plan for future. Later on the time comes for getting to know that place, district and city and to experience. There are no problems for us as it is Karsiyaka here.

All the values which constitute Turkish Republic and make it survive determine the characteristics, standing, and quality of Karsiyaka. It is the Karsiyaka of Great Leader Veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his most valuable trust Zubeyde. Names of these values and symbols have been given to its monuments, parks, areas and streets. You enter our city by saluting the monument of Ataturk, his Mother and Women’s Rights. In many of the monuments ranging from the mausoleum of Zubeyde to the Pansion of Latife and from Bomber Ali Cavus being among Canakkale martyrs to all our martyrs living in our hearts you can observe the combination of fidelity and belonging with modernism and aesthetics. Because it is Karsiyaka here.

You begin to understand what Kaf Sin Kaf is from the first moment. In the city of Attila Ilhan, you see the value being attached to art and laborers. At our cultural centers, galleries, museums you witness how culture and art have transformed into a living style. While you are listening to KODA, you feel proud and you understand the values added to our city by means of our theater, chorus, and guests being hosted.

With “Sprouts of Karsiyaka”, “Universal Children’s Museum and Training Campus”, KARGEM, Kindergartens, Scientific Center, libraries throughout each district, and various projects, you witness the values being attached to science, education, our children and our youngsters. When you come to Karsiyaka you see how actions are taken to reveal respect felt for retired people, women, elders, and disabled people. You witness how a city deserves to be defined as an “Active City” with its sports opportunities being available for those in all ages, its schools, courses and valuable people being raised. By observing Karsiyaka you can come to believe how so many national and international awards can be won, how models and good examples can be demonstrated to many local managements. It is Karsiyaka here, providing hope and giving pleasure with its flavor, odor, and texture both to the heart and to the mind.

If you live through the harmony of red and green, when you come to Karsiyaka you can observe the respect shown to nature and too all living creatures and mainly to the street animals. You can see how much care and attention is paid to nature and environment by planting 70 thousand saplings in 4 years, by creating 2 happiness forests smiling with the trees of newly married couples, by foreseeing that one tree will be planted per each square meter in every new building, by increasing green areas per person with 52 new parks, by creating play areas for children and areas to breath for elderly people, by renewing 40 parks. You can experience in one day in Karsiyaka how the freedom of our mountains and beauty of our seas meet with environmental sensitivity.

Karsiyaka is like a pearl that answers to the question of how a determination stating:“We will plant trees instead of making buildings.” and “We will defend the green of nature and not the green of dollars.” can transform to a communal cooperation in a short time. 

We are Karsiyaka adding spirit and liveliness to the flowers blossoming on the mountains of Izmir. We are a city that makes others say: “It is Karsiyaka in the end!” with our history, our geography, our red and our green. We are ready to live through all these and to remind them on 23rd of April National Independence and Children’s Feast. I congratulate it from now and we await for you to come too.

I salute all of you with my wishes of love, respect, and hope.

Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar   
Mayor of Karşıyaka