Message from the Mayor

We can not be hopeless and horizonless

My Fellow Citizens,

We lived through the month of June as interconnected with Ramadan, being the holy month of Islam. Besides being an individual clearance of  conscience, mind, and the soul, religious days also provide us opportunities in social means. Concepts such as peace, brotherhood, tolerance, collaboration, and justice are remembered on such days again. Karsiyaka showed that it is a city living with these concepts in a beautiful way in this Ramadan as well. Tens of citizens of Karsiyaka did not only share the bread and water but they also lived through the happiness of being together, having hope for the beautiful future days, the honor and happi-ness of being from Karsiyaka, as being expressed with the wording of “We are a big family”.

While we beautified the appearance of our city and fulfilled the expectations of years with our dense infrastructure works, we showed our difference in each area of life. We came together at beautiful events and we felt honored with the awards we received or gave. We felt proud of the successes of values being raised by Karsiyaka, as achieved either individually or collec-tively.

We showed that we are the city of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Mother Zübeyde, Nazım Hikmet, Attila İlhan, enlightenment, secularism, and of Republic in short, with each step we took.  “Ne de olsa Karşıyaka!” We proved one more time that the working of “After all it is Karsiyaka !” is true. June was our month. I would like to thank to all those who put  their efforts in, who were part of it, and who valued and protected it.

My Dear Fellow Citizens,

We left a difficult winter period behind us feeling pain for our martyrs, as being under the threats of terrorism and violence, with the problems we had relating with human rights and democracy, and with the problems world faces, the main one being the danger of war. We live through the same problems today and we strive to overcome them knowing that it can be achieved with a high, widespread and deep understanding of “justice”.

While I am hoping for these efforts to be successful, I am full of hope. Because we are the children who created this beautiful homeland and Turkish Republic, that shines with all of its values. Children of ancestors who say: “Smoke surroundered the mountain/ The silver river keeps on flowing/ The sun is just rising from the horizon/ Let us walk my friends !” and who prove what they said, can not be hopeless and horizonless.

The month of July means Madımak, with its  fire that didn’t stop for 24 years. They burned us all and they left our country with an incurrable pain and a shameful situation, which should be questionned. We will remember all our lives that were lost in the flames of bigotry on each 2nd of July with love and longing and we will never forget them.  We will show our determi-nation by saying : “Never gain !”.

On the 15th of Julyi 2016 a bigot gang that is equipped with tactics and support through the years, attempted to realize a bloody coup. They killed hundreds of our people and with the outcome, they showed to us what kind of a threat of destruction we are faced with. That day and the following period proved to us how important it is for us to protect and hold on to secularism, modernizm, law, democracy, and justice. Now we are having this exam all together. We will success to pass from this exam as we share the same thoughts being united in our hearts. We have to achieve this to be able to stand straight in front of our children.

This summer will be the season for remembering all of these and to have a brand new revival. Let us get back to our joyful state, from which they tried to deprive us, again. Let us say ‘stop’ to the winds trying to take us to the gaps of tiredness and boredom. 

“Park Concerts” that we are organizing all throughout our Karsiyaka in the summer period, will not be only entertainment events but they will be lived through as big meetings where enthusiasm and hopes are recalled back. We all need this too much. 

We are not seeing the summer period only as a holiday time. Of course, we will rest and relieve from the tiredness of a whole year. But as we are doing so, we will clean up our bodies, souls, and thoughts just like hundreds of our children and youngsters in the summer schools. Karsiyaka Municipality planned this summer having these thoughts in mind and they are carrying out the works densely. You will always receive good news from us.

I hope a month full of hope and joy to all of you. 

Luckily we are here. Long live Karsiyaka !

Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar   
Mayor of Karşıyaka