Duties of the Mayor

The tasks and authorities of the mayor were specified by Art.38 of the Municipal Law No. 5393 which took effect after being published in the Official Gazette Issue 25874 on July 13th 2005.
Accordingly, the mayor is the head of municipal administration and represents the municipal legal entity. The mayor is elected according to rules and principles indicated in that law. 
The mayor may not assume any duty within the administrative and supervisory organs of political parties during his/her term; he/she may not assume presidency of sports clubs and may not take part in their management.

The duties and authorities of the mayor are as follows:

  • To conduct the municipal organization as the utmost manager of the organization, to protect the rights and interests of the municipality.
  • To manage the municipality according to strategic plan, to establish organizational strategies of the municipality, to prepare and implement, monitor and assess the budget, municipal activities and performance criteria of the personnel according to these strategies, to present their reports to the municipal council.
  • To represent the municipality in state offices and ceremonies, in jurisdictions as the plaintiff or defendant or to appoint a counsel.
  • To preside the municipal council and committee.
  • To manage the movables and immovables of the municipality.
  • To follow and collect the revenue and receivables of the municipality.
  • To make an agreement provided that authorized organs take a decision for it.
  • To execute decisions of the municipal council and committee.
  • To implement the budget, to approve budget transactions above the authorized amount of the municipal council and committee.
  • To assign municipal staff.
  • To supervise municipal and associated organizations and establishments.
  • To accept unconditional grants.
  •  To take necessary measures for the peace, welfare, health and happiness of the local people.
  • To utilize the resources allocated in the budget for the poor and indigent, to perform services for disabled people and establish the center disabled people.
  • To utilize the resources allocated for representation and accommodation.
  • To perform tasks legally assigned to the municipality and without need for a decision by the municipal council and committee and use his/her powers.

Municipal Law No. 5393