Two Sides of Cyprus Met in Karsiyaka

‘Peace and Friendship will Continue.’

Love of art made the two sides of foster land Cyprus meet in Karsiyaka. At the exhibition that is opened jointly by Karsiyaka Municipality and sister Kyrenia Municipality, photographs of Cypriot Turkish Artist Musa Kayra and Greek artists Panayiotis Neocleous are presented. Olive saplings that are brougt from Turkish and Greek sides of Cyprus are met with the soil.

It will be Open Until 25th of February

The exhibition joining the two sides of Cyprus in Karsiyaka is opened at Karsiyaka Municipality Universal Children Museum. Minor visitors of the museum also showed interest in the ceremony to which Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Izmir Consul Ipal Emin, Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar, Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Gungordu also attended. Olive saplings that are brought from Turkish and Greek sides of Cyprus are also met with soil during the same event. Exhibition will be open for the visitors to see until 25th of February.

“Friendship and Brotherhood will Continue.”

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar said: “We are feeling happy to host the artists coming from both sides of Cyprus at our Karsiyaka, being the symbol of friendship and brotherhood and we are glad to make contribution to peace”.

While Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Gungordu stated that they opened an exhibition outside Cyprus for the first time with the help of Karsiyaka Municipality, Consul General Ipal Emin said: “As Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, we are always by the side of peace and we support art”. Artists who took part in the exhibition stated that the two communities will get closer by means of art.”