The Name of Muzaffer Izgu will Live in Karsiyaka

Muzaffer Izgu, who is one of the most important writers of Turkey and who has lost his life on the previous day, will be immortalized in Karsiyaka. Karşıyaka Municipality will give the name of great writer to the kindergarden that will be opened at Mustafa Kemal Quarter.

Together with the Children till Infinity…

Karşıyaka Municipality will make the memory of Muzaffer Izgu, who has written nearly 150 books mainly aiming for children and who has lost his life on the previous day, survive in the district. The Municipality will give the name of Muzaffer Izgu to the preschool training facility that is almost completed at Mustafa Kemal Quarter. Children will prepare themselves for life by reading the books of great writer. In order for the name of Izgu to be given to the kindergarden, decision will be taken on the first meeting of municipality council.

It will Suit Very Well

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “We are living through the sadness of having lost a Republican highbrow, who is a valuable master of our literature and who is a hero who made children enjoy reading. Even though Muzaffer Izgu has left us, his name, his works and his humanity shall be remembered forever with love and respect. We, as Karsiyaka Municipality, will make this valuable name become immortalized by giving his name to the kindergarden that we are newly building. We will open our kindergarden at Mustafa Kemal Quarter to provide services in the month of September. It will be a kindergarden that will suit well to our beautiful quarter. It will be a great happiness and honor for us to give the name of Muzaffer Izgu to our kindergarden, as he is identified with Mustafa Kemal. I hope that it  will bring good luck to the children of our Karsiyaka.”

It will Be Opened in the New Season

The kindergarden which is being built by Karşıyaka Municipality at Mustafa Kemal Quarter,Bulent Ecevit Boulevard, will be opened to provide services during the new education period. The modern education home will have a total usage area of 624 square meters. In the building with two floors, there will be group rooms, activity area, play garden, sleeping rooms, and dining hall. Together with the other new kindergarden which is at the stage of being completed in Mavişehir, the number of preschool training institutions owned by Karsiyaka Municipality, will rise up to 7.