Sudden Visit of Akpinar

Mayor Akpınar Visited the Home of  Tamturk Family

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar, who came together with different segments of the community during the Feast of Sacrifice, visited Tamturk family at Bahariye Quarter. The family members who saw Mayor Akpinar standing in front of them said: “It is the first time a mayor is visiting us and we are very happy for this.”

Among the Community During the Feast

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, continued with his Feast of Sacrifice visits at Bahariye Quarter. Mayor Akpinar, who visited Zubeyde Nursing Home on the previous day and met with the elderly people, became the guest of Tamturk Family in Bahariye this time. Mayor Akpinar, who visited the home where Mujdat, Meskure and their daughter Sidika Tamturk lived, had discussion with the family and he congradulated their feast.

Welcome to Our Home !

Mujdat Tamturk, who said that it is the first time a mayor is visiting them, also said: “It is a big honor for us to see you here and to host you. It is the first time we are experiencing something like this. We thank you for making us live through such a feeling. Welcome to our home my Mayor.”

“Being Together with the Community, Makes Me Happy”

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “Instead of having a holiday during the time of feast, it is a bigger happiness for me to be with our community and to be guests at their homes. Today we are at the home of Tamturk family. Their smiling faces give me energy and happiness. I thank them for their hospitality”. Mayor Akpinar also congradulated the feast of artisans at the quarter.