Garbage Containers that are Covered with Grass are Liked Very Much

Karsiyaka Municipality which started working with the motto of ‘A Cleaner  Karşıyaka’ and which gave importance to aesthetic appearance besides hygiene and cleaning works,  increased the number of garbage boxes that are covered with artificial grass, as being liked by the citizens, to 2 thousand. The application has been a good example for various municipalities. Mayor Akpınar said: “We are striving together with our teams and the citizens of Karşıyaka to make each street become sparkling”.  

All Containers are Covered with Artificial Grass

Karsiyaka Municipality which started working to provide continuous hygiene and cleanliness and to create “A Cleaner Karsiyaka’, increased the number of garbage containers being covered with grass and attracting attention with their hygienic and aesthetic appearance. In the application which was started with 100 garbage boxes, it is reached to 2 thousand containers that are covered with artificial grass in 2 years time. Materials of garbage boxes that are covered with artificial grass as being admired by the citizens of Karşıyaka and Izmir, are specially produced at the facility of Karsiyaka Municipality and thus, savings are made from the municipality budget. Within the scope of application which has been a good example for the municipalities in different cities and districts, it is stated that all the garbage containers in Karsiyaka will be covered with artificial grass.

Municipality and Community are Working Hand in Hand

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, who stated that they give importance to aesthetic appearance and cleanliness also said: “We are continuing with our works without interruption with the aim to provide hygiene and cleanliness at each point of the city. Garbage containers that are covered with artificial grass brought color to the streets of Karsiyaka. Garbage containers, which we avoided to get close to, became a pleasant accessory of our quarters and our streets. As being the municipality and citizens, we will work hand in hand to create a cleaner Karsiyaka together. Garbage containers which are covered with grass, that we produce with our our means at our facility, will be distributed all throughout our district. We are giving direction to our works in line with the requests and proposals coming to us from our community”.