Big Support for the Entrepreneurs

Training for year 2017 are completed within the scope of ‘Entrepreneurship Project with Practice” that is realized with the collaboration of Karşıyaka Municipality and KOSGEB. Participants who are successful and whose work plans are approved by KOSGEB are benefiting from donation of 50 thousand Turkish Lira and the opportunity to use credit with no interest payment.

Applicable Training

Karsiyaka Municipality which is working to provide solution to the problem of unemployment and to make contribution to the city’s economy, is carrying out the ‘Entrepreneurship Project with Practice’ with the collaboration of KOSGEB since year 2015. While thousands of entrepreneur candidates applied to the project which is realized in 7 stages this year, entrepreneurship training with practice is given to 180 people who are selected as per the interviews.

Chance to Get Donation of 50 Thousand Lira

Entrepreneurs who complete the training successfully and whose work plans are approved by KOSGEB are gaining right to get a donation of 50 thousand lira. Besides, opportunity for credit amount of 100 thousand lira with no interest payment, is also being provided. The project, in which priority is given to women and to disabled individuals, will be continued in 2018 as well.

Dreams are Coming True

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar who stated that they are working to make contribution to employment and to city’s economy, also said: “It is very important to open new windows for the entrepreneurs and to support them. With this approach, since year 2015 we are continuing to realize very beautiful works with ‘Entrepreneurship Project with Practice” together with KOSGEB. In this year, we provided opportunity to 180 people for them to make their dreams come true. We will commence the new period in February, 2018”.