Ataturk and Zubeyde Hanim

The mother of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Zubeyde Hanim's grave is in Karsiyaka in the garden of Ferik Osman Pasa Mosque inside the Zubeyde Hanim Park. The current shape of the grave was specified by Ataturk himself and was built in 1940 by Izmir Municipality.

Zubeyde Hanim Park is a protected area of 1st grade and all maintenance and security of the park is provided by our municipality; the place is frequently visited by citizens of Karsiyaka with its children's playgrounds, green texture and seating areas.

Zubeyde Hanim:

Zubeyde Hanim was born in 1857 in Thessaloníki. She is the daughter of Feyzullah Aga from the family Haci Sofi of the yuruks emigrating from Middle Anatolia to Thessaloníki's west at the Albanian border.

At the Turkish War of Independence Zubeyde Hanim was living in Ankara, she has passed away in Izmir where she moved to be treated on January 14th 1923 at the age of 66.